What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I was looking for a partner that could deliver expertise, innovation, creative design and problem solving strategy.  With Statesman Media, my annual spend for 2015 was only 70% of the previous year’s cost while my cost per hire was down significantly. We matched our previous years hiring in what has been declared the most difficult healthcare recruitment time since the 90’s when searching for nursing and allied heath clinicians.  Their results have been fantastic, and I have made a commitment to Statesman Media to handle my recruitment advertising going forward.”
– Randy Stone, VP of Talent Acquisition,  St. Davids

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“We were in need of additional candidates for specific restaurant locations.  The team at Statesman Media helped us pinpoint the most effective and efficient way to target candidates.  Mobile marketing was a new tool for us and proved to be successful as we were able to hire candidates during the campaign.  The team was extremely professional and provided guidance throughout the promotion.”
– Cherrelle Dawes, IHOP – ACG Texas Restaurants  

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“After 39 years, we still find the Austin American-Statesman contributes the most to our new customer base. They have always worked by our side, through educating and introducing us to their new ways of technology. After all these years, the Austin American-Statesman is a strong and effective means of advertising.”
– Steve Frey, CEO/Owner, Factory Mattress
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“We advertised our Grand Opening in the Statesman, and the turnout was huge. My job for the event was to greet people and ask them to fill out an information card. One item on that card was a “how did you hear about the event.” Of the 400+ people that came over the 2 days, I think about 85% said they learned about it from the Statesman. This event was in Georgetown and I wasn’t sure what the result would be. We spent thousands in other media, but they clearly didn’t have the same reach. To me this was a real world example of the power of the paper.”
– Derick Smith,  Grand Endeavor Homes
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“The Statesman Media team is a professional group of media-savvy individuals who know the market and how best to reach Austinites.”

– Window World Austin

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