Recruiting Trends for 2017

Recruiting Trends for 2017

Gig economy, B2E brand, talent shortage, social sourcing, mobile apply, contextual targeting – where to begin when all you want to do is hire qualified talent.  Quickly.

Austin is an ideal talent fit and available jobs are at an all-time high.  So as business leaders how do we recruit and retention talent?

Regardless of the talent needs there are a few tactics worth focusing on for hiring smart in this quick evolving hiring universe.  Let’s explore the following B2E brand, social and mobile so the basics can be incorporated into your 2017 strategy.

With the evolution of the digital-sphere companies today are more exposed.   Company brands are elevated bringing about a fairly new term of importance, employer branding or B2E.  Companies are looking for ways to showcase why candidates should apply to work there.  Social and video have directed this stage in sharing company culture, values and details about work-life.  Plus candidates want to know as much as possible about the job so a well-constructed B2E strategy is critical.  So ask yourself in 2017 if your employer brand is well-maintained especially now that you know 9 out of 10 candidates will apply if so.

Where and how you share your message is just as important as what the message is from branding to sharing.  Today, job seeking is a 24/7 activity and roughly 80% of candidates are likely to use social media on mobile in their search.  If social is queen then mobile is king and will continue to be in 2017 and beyond.  Let’s dive in deeper…

Being “antisocial” in this day and age shouldn’t be an option as 92% of recruiters find candidates via social media advertising and management.  At minimum companies should have a presence on at least the big three for now, LI, fb/twitter and Instagram.  Actually Instagram leads the pack while Pinterest and now Snapchat gaining social share quickly.

Seven out of ten recruiters agree and highlight company culture as a way to compete against other employers.   So a company culture leader needs to be responsible for joining relevant conversations, responding to reviews, and giving candidates a sneak peek of the work environment, culture and available opportunities via company’s social media profiles.

Today more than 70% of candidates are using mobile to conduct their job search – Americans are performing over one billion jobs searches a month.

A high-level mobile strategy can be tackled in two ways – engagement from a apply angle and targeting from a device perspective.   More than four out of five job seekers look at company career pages from their smartphone. Which is why mobile is the recruiting medium of the mid-2010s.

So an ultra-simplified apply process along with a savvy mobile experience for job seekers who want it, is key.  The day will come quickly that many will simply reject an ugly experience and not return. Period. Ever.

With power in the labor market continuing to shift toward talent, pushing forward with mobile recruiting developments will be a key recruiting strategy for 2017.

On mobile companies can target demographically, contextually and behaviorally on specific sites – delivering specific candidate tailored messaging.

Contextually and behaviorally, we should look beyond “job search” keywords and to the general professional interests of our target audience.

Social media coupled with a solid employer brand delivered on mobile drives results, is mainstream and here to stay.  Connect with us today to learn more and spread the word about your company.