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Precise Targeting with Direct Mail

If you’re looking for household-specific precision, Statesman Direct’s turnkey solo mail services can handle every aspect of your direct
mail needs.

From developing your mailing list to getting your message into customer’s hands, Statesman Direct Mail offers a program in which we can:

  • Build a list for you, based on your customer profile (age, income, geography, home value, home tenure, interests, vehicle owned, public university students and more)
  • Perform all the data processing services required to merge/purge customer lists and ensure that your mail is delivered at the lowest postage rates available and meets all USPS requirements
  • Have our creative team develop your mailer, ensuring that it will stand out in the mailbox and convey your message with maximum impact

Best of all, when you use Statesman Direct Mail, you place one order and receive one bill. We will even bill your postage.

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“The Statesman Media team is a professional group of media-savvy individuals who know the market and how best to reach Austinites.”

– Window World Austin

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