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Studio, a full-service ad agency, offers award-winning in-house video production and top quality editing services. Our videographers use artistic skill and customization to perfectly and dynamically deliver your message to new and existing customers in a thoughtful, engaging and memorable way. Reach customers with professionally produced online video, available in several lengths and types: business, community, and product.

  • Award-winning videographers (16 Telly’s over the past 3 years) and turnkey production on-site or in our state-of-the-art production studio
  • Promotional videos on YouTube and your website
  • Additional video advertising options

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Video packages range from basic motion graphics and b-roll adaptions to elaborate in-studio and fully featured on-location productions. Leverage our creativity and professional experience to sell your products or services. Transform your brand with a variety of Studio-produced videos, such as interview-based, product, training, branding and customer testimonials. With years of experience in video production, visual effects, and motion graphics, we will work with you to create the content your customers will want to watch and share with everyone they know. Video is everywhere. Tell your story with Ideabar and start seeing higher conversions. In addition to our video production services, we make sure your video reaches your viewers. Seamlessly integrate your Studio-produced video into your larger marketing needs, from social integration to repurposing your video for digital video ads.


  • Client’s Website
  • Statesman Owned & Operated Properties
  • Social channels
  • Custom branded YouTube channel Partnership sites, such as Yahoo & Google Display Network


  • Search engines consistently display blended search results and will give a high ranking to video content, resulting in a lift in search engine performance
  • Site visitors are more engaged with video content
  • Video impacts customer perceptions & behaviors
  • Video on websites has been proven to increase conversion rates. Visitors have been shown to spend twice as long on websites with video content.

Video Advertising Products

  • Internet Pre Roll (:10, :15, :30)
  • Long Format for Web
  • In Banner Video Ad
  • Floating Video Ad
  • MMS

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the location defined?
A location is a separate physical address. There can be multiple areas to shoot within one physical location.

Who owns the raw footage?
Once we shoot and edit the video, we retain ownership of the footage. You are welcome to embed the final video in your properties (website, social media, YouTube, etc.) with the exception of repurposing the content for competing media sites. However, it is possible to purchase the raw footage at a cost of $250 + the cost of an external hard drive. Studio retains the right to use the material for promotional purposes.

What if I’ve already shot my videos but I want the Statesman to host it?
We will host a previously shot video on our video wall, provided it meets certain quality standards. The video wall is located within the Multimedia section on There is a $99 monthly charge for hosting or $199/month for hosting on the wall + in-unit video rotation on a promotional banner (guaranteed 100,000 impressions).

Who sets up the YouTube channel?
We will create and design a YouTube channel that matches your brand identity. We provide set-up service free of charge. We use keywords, backlinks, write a detailed description of your video’s content, and will upload a transcript to maximize your SEO.

How long will you keep the footage?
We guarantee the footage to be archived for 3 months.

Who writes the copy?
Usually the client writes the copy, however, if you need a narrative-style script written, please supply us with bullet points, and our professional copy-writers can write it for $150.

What if I want additional editing/revisions?
The first revision is free of charge. Additional changes will incur an hourly fee of $50.

Do you shoot High Definition Video?
Yes, we can shoot in High Definition and full HD, including 4K.

Types of Videos

Studio produces a wide variety of videos. In fact, we offer four distinct video packages.


Did You Know?


average minutes per day adults will spend watching digital video by 2019.

Source: eMarketer, March 2017



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