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Spread the word with original content that consumers find relevant and valuable.  Content Marketing provides your audience with entertaining and information content that is of value to them and keeps your brand top of mind as they journey through the purchase funnel.  Our content services include:

  • Copywriting – Independent creation of the messaging needed for your company’s marketing materials to resonate with your target audience (when design is not needed or already complete).
  • Native Content & Native Display Advertising – Content created for or about your brand. Native content is promoted with Native Display Advertising to fit into the context of the environment.
  • Content Strategy – Review of current content marketing efforts and recommendations for future content marketing channels and timing.

Production and Distribution

The Statesman has been producing content for over 140 years. Articles, Infographics, Video, Photo Galleries, Quizzes, Podcasts, Interactive Digital and much more. We can do the same for your brand with Native Content.

You can finally tell your story the way you’ve always wanted it to be told. Showcase the things that make your way different. Tell the world why to care and, what you do to show you care about them. Journalism, for our customers.

Once your interview is done, your quiz is created, your video shot, etc., we can make sure the right audience sees it with Native Advertising. Not just the Statesman audience but your target audience. We use a multi-channel approach that includes digital display on the Statesman Network as well as other, targeted sites, print, email, social media and more. After all, what good is the content if nobody knows about it? Native Advertising is the perfect way for Native Content to gain visibility. The Native Content is positioned to the reader just like editorial content and in line with that same, engaging, up to the minute, quality writing and video.

Our solutions include:

  • Interviewing and Writing
  • Hosting and Distribution
  • Links, ads and your social media embedded next to the content
  • Reporting on readership, engagement and/or video % watched

Sponsorships & Premium Display

The best way to be seen with Ryan Gosling is to star in a movie with him. The best way to get your brand noticed is to star next to award-winning content from the #1 media company in Central Texas.

Our sponsorships offer a perfect way to showcase your brand with 100% ownership of the site section and the content. 100% of the ads, 100% of the video pre-roll. You will be featured prominently in the custom header and will be guaranteed massive audience.

Yes, we will guarantee the numbers. How can we do that?

We have a team that spends all their time attracting readers. They now work for you. The use a combination of social media, email, SEO and on-site tactics to continuously drive readership of your site section.

In addition, we can create NATIVE CONTENT for your brand to be featured prominently in the section as well.

Special sections available like the Austin Newcomers Guide, Uplift, Healthy Austin, Camp Guide, Holiday Guide, Ask the Experts and more!

Your brand can be shown with top publishers in the market that fit your unique profile like;,, and

Looking for even more integration? Check out our Event Marketing!

Rich Media Display

Rich media and high impact display advertisements build awareness, capture consumers’ attention, and increase engagement. Statesman Media operates the top local websites in Austin, Texas, giving you exclusive access to our loyal audiences.

Capture attention with Rich Media: When you have big news, announce it in a big way. Using animation, video and a host of multimedia tools, rich media ads grab attention and encourage click-throughs.

How We Drive Results

We provide greater points of interaction with the users.

Greater interaction increases engagement and the amount of time they spend with your ad and your message.

We capture the insight you need.

We can record time spent in the ad, whether the user clicked through to the website, and more – giving you the insight you need to plan and implement the most effective campaigns.

We increase the chance of conversion.

Engaging consumers in a fun and appealing way increases their awareness of your brand and your message.

We have an award-winning creative team in-house.

Our creative design team creates over 10,000 ads per year, and has over 170 years of combined experience.




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