IP Targeting to New Movers

IP Targeting to New Movers

Digital display advertising continues to grow as its ability to target narrow continues to improve.  IP Targeting is a tactic that is allowing marketers to pinpoint their best consumers and prospects.  Quite simply, if you have an address list, we deliver a digital ad message to those specific addresses


A strong use of IP targeting that is becoming more prominent is around a New Mover Program.  Combines direct mail with IP targeting.  We can secure a list of people who have newly moved to Austin, TX, and reach them by delivering your message to their home mailbox and the digital devices connected to the Internet at their house.


This benefits both new businesses looking to grow their customer base, as well as established businesses who need to reach newcomers to their market.  Last year, the Austin metro added nearly 60,000 residents.

60,000 is a large pool of prospects who are new to the Austin area, all of whom will have the need to find their go-to entertainment venues, bank or credit union, dry cleaner, auto dealership, HVAC service company, restaurants, and more.  The list goes on!


To learn more about IP Targeting and reaching New Movers in Austin or throughout the country, contact us today, or call (512) 445-1739.