Indy J. and the Temple of the Forgotten Content Distribution Channel

Indy J. and the Temple of the Forgotten Content Distribution Channel

The dusty cavern smells musty, decaying, like aged parchment. The only light that penetrates the gloomy interior comes from the sputtering and spitting torch held by rough hands above a head covered by a fedora. With his free hand, the grizzled veteran of marketing reaches towards the forgotten tomb said to hold ancient secrets that will unlock vast amounts of audience power, data and engagement. He slides back the tomb’s cover, intent on uncovering this lost artifact. The torch light flickers and waves as it crawls slowly into the shadowy interior to reveal…

Email?! Why does it always have to be email?


It’s true, many a marketing and business owner alike has forgotten the power of Email Marketing. Their collection of addresses lies like mummified remains covered in inch thick dust. Why? Usually because the list was used and abused to the point that open rates plunged into the abyss. But we can change that.

Firstly, why? You stopped using email for a reason. It was difficult to keep up with. It was a lot of work for little return. Maybe you got a few replies that said, “STOP SPAMMING ME!” Whatever the reason, I’m here to tell you that email can be a multipurpose whip at your side, swinging your business across chasms, holding back the evil competition and looking cool on your hip.

According to Marketing Sherpa, email is the preferred method of communication of promotional content among consumers.

That’s enough graphs for one adventure. Let’s take it to a more personal level. You use email every day. What do you engage with? A forty-third reminder that the new color of your favorite belt is in stock? Promises of pills and diets to improve you? Probably not. Most likely you engage with meaningful content about issues close to you. Maybe that’s an article about how the founder of your favorite online store created something from nothing. Or perhaps the story of the good work being done at a local charity catches your attention. Whatever it is, I’d place bets that the difference between an open and a delete is one word. Content. We’ve all heard it, “content is king”. But without a distribution channel, the king’s words echo in empty chambers.

Email is perfectly suited to be one of the main distribution channels for content. Even better if you are already doing Native Advertising, you already have the content to deliver. Get the most from your marketing by utilizing every piece of creative in as many ways as possible. For content, that means putting it on your website, promoting it through your social channels, doing Native Advertising and, sending it through email. The customers that have opted in to receive your communications have already told you that they want to hear from you! That doesn’t mean they want a boring conversation about sales prices or and special offers. They want to know you and your business on a deeper level so that they can feel good about doing business with you. They want you to give them a reason to trust you. Did you ever give a cute someone your phone number hoping that they wouldn’t call you? Of course not. Now what if that person did call you, everyday at 5am to tell you about what new products were on the shelves at their job? And when there are no new products, they tell you about all the ones that are still there from last week. Then they decide to make some extra money and start telling you about the products at all the stores in the same area. Is that the relationship you were hoping for? No! You feel used and abused, just like your old email list. You probably want to hang up after yelling, “STOP SPAMMING ME”!

In order for the relationship to be healthy, happy and to grow, you have to open up to something deeper. That’s the content you want to distribute. If you do, your list will not only be happy, it will grow as people share your fantastic stories. New customers will find you and previous customers will revisit you. Not only that but, the return will be greater than the effort to produce, especially if you’re getting more mileage by using it in more places. According to a study by CampaignMonitor, email alone accounted for a forty-four dollar return on every dollar spent.

So, dust off your fedora and practice crackin’ your whip. No time for love Dr. Jones! There’s no giant boulder that’s going to chase you away as you reimagine the marketing vehicle that is your email database. As always, if you need help with creating Content Marketing or any marketing tactic, drop me a line.