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Online Display Marketing

Statesman Media harnesses the power of our reach extension networks to provide our advertisers access to millions of partnership websites across the Internet, extending your message’s reach and your brand’s visibility. We partner with premier websites that allow us to reach 97% of Internet users.

Advertise on premium national, local, and niche websites across the Internet by using targeting technology to expand your visibility. Reach extension lets you hyper-target the most eligible prospects – those who are most likely to purchase your products or services.

Display Advertising Techniques

  • Site Retargeting – Retargeting is the ability to deliver ads to people that have previously visited your site. Retargeting is most effectively used to enable you to pro-actively engage and communicate with their audience, while learning much more regarding the visitors site interests and characteristics.
  • Search Retargeting – Keyword or Search retargeting targets an audience based on the previous searches they conduct on other websites. Keyword retargeting is designed to find new customers which have likely never been to the website before. Messaging is delivered through display ads on content sites.
  • Programmatic Advertising – This allows us to buy ad space in an auction environment using real-time bidding.
  • Behavioral Targeting -Based on a user’s search history, website visits, video viewings, location, etc., we can identify the demographics and interests of a user. This level of profiling allows us to show your ad to the right audience.
  • Ad Networks – A network is a group of sites handpicked by the reach extension team. These sites have relevant viewers and known success. We offer our advertisers many network solutions across various demographic audiences in order to target your customers. These networks are designed based on hundreds of campaigns for advertisers targeting these particular audience groups, and the sites included have performed well in delivering audience traffic to advertiser sites.
  • Contextual Targeting – Every word, on every website page is indexed and cataloged by the major search engines. This is how we get the search results we do. As a result of this function, Keyword Targeting enables advertisers to choose the keywords that best match the product or service they offer, and then have the ad delivered onto the site editorial pages that contain them.
  • Social Networks – Reach a highly and engaged and specific audience through Facebook advertising. Combine Newsfeed and Right-Rail advertising with the location, demographic and interest-based targeting. Additionally you can reach people with shared connections or create custom audiences.
  • IP Targeting – Many advertisers find their use of direct mail to both customers and prospective customers a highly effective way to drive engagement of their product or services. Now advertisers can support and improve their direct marketing programs by adding IP targeting to marketing efforts. Quite simply, if you have an address list, we deliver a digital ad message to those specific addresses.

All display marketing products are priced on a CPM basis and vary depending on method.

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