How to “Design Your Marketing” with Statesman Studio

How to “Design Your Marketing” with Statesman Studio

By Drew Carr

Statesman Studio is a full-service ad agency made up of creative storytellers. Backed by Statesman Media & Cox Media Group and driven by data and results, we offer marketing, media, creative, branding, social, video & native— with access to the research tools and nationwide reach typically found in larger, more expensive firms. If you’re looking to grow your business, Statesman Studio is the perfect place to design your marketing. Here’s how we do it.

Research & Data

Advertising is about messaging. If you want to send a message about your business, it’s best to know exactly who the recipient is. This is why everything we do at Studio begins starts with data. In a nutshell, here is what we use:

  • Primary research— delivers insights through custom data solutions, including branding, creative and competitive insights
  • Secondary research— provides an understanding of your market, customers and competition through secondary tools such as Scarborough Research, Nielsen and Borrell to provide market info, audience profiles, and mapping
  • Custom research— provides comprehensive analysis of customer business and transactional data, including customer profiles, look-a-like profiles and transactional data analysis

It is through these cutting-edge market research tools that we create informed and continually optimized campaigns the produce the best results.

Branding & Campaigns

Your brand is everything. It’s not just a name— it’s the amazing combination of the thoughts, ideas, perception and emotion associated with your company and product. We begin the creative process with this in mind. Whether you need a brand makeover or something ‘brand new’, our designers and storytellers develop brand personality and award-winning creative with top-notch visuals, engaging messaging, video & native content, taglines & slogans, with perfectly-orchestrated delivery— digital, social and print.

Content & Copywriting

Your consumer wants content. Since the type of content your consumer is looking for is varied, we start with a thorough review of your current content marketing efforts, recommend appropriate content strategy then create engaging native content and video that resonates with your audience.


Your consumer really wants video. From large-scale commercial productions to personal testimonials, we have everything you need to tell your brand story through full-service video— 4K, drones, virtual reality, time lapse, an on-site studio, on-location shoots, you name it. We can also create custom projects scaled to fit your specific needs, including pre-production and post-production.

Let’s Work Together

Ever wish working with your ad agency was a piece of cake? You’ve found the right shop. Whatever your business goals are, we’d love to help you reach them. Visit us online at to get started today.