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Print and Deliver, full saturation double-sided full color inserts…what’s old is new again. Want to reach your targeted demo? Want to do it in an impactful, cost-effective form? One that offers proof-of-purchase, customer conversion and keeps your cash register ringing? A print and deliver insert may be right for you!

Retail businesses across all industries are returning to the table of good ol’ tried and true, subscriber and non-subscriber insert programs. The product is less expensive than direct mail, offers a larger piece to tell a business’ story, communicates an offer and gives a customer something tangible to hold onto for when they are ready to take action and make a purchase. Because it’s so much less expensive to print and distribute than direct mail, it allows a business to make multiple drops to their customer base thus it offers the necessary frequency that is proven to lead to customer conversion.

Utilizing both subscriber (in-home delivery) and non-subscriber (in the mailbox distribution) programs allows a business to reach all of its core customer-base. If a customer on one side of the street takes the newspaper and is a good target customer for your business, it’s likely their neighbors who do not take the paper, are good targets for your offerings too. The advantage to print and deliver is that it fulfills an advertiser’s need to prove that their advertising dollars are not only effective but have a direct correlation to driving revenues.

While it’s a fact that this is a digital age and digital media, a strong web presence and the ability to be found online are crucial, it’s important to touch your customer base in multiple ways with a multi-layered, integrated approach. Adding an insert program to your current media offerings will not only keep you branded with your audience, it will also show tangible proof – DOLLARS IN THE DRAWER – that your media spend works.