Employee Spotlight – Daniel Loyd

Employee Spotlight – Daniel Loyd

Name: Daniel Loyd

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Position: Executive Video Producer of Statesman Studio

Joined Statesman Media: July 2015

School and Degree: University of Texas at Austin – Radio Television Film

Best Queso in Austin: Can’t eat Dairy, but when I did, Kerbey Queso.

How did you get started in Video Production?

I knew in college that I wanted to be involved with film, so after graduating from UT’s RTF program, I moved out to Los Angeles and started working in entertainment. There I was mostly doing different types of television, features, marketing, documentaries and the like for Sony, New Line, CNN, A&E and Discovery Channels. After 13 years in LA, my wife and I had baby #2 and the Texas roots were calling! After about a year of prep, we finally picked up and headed back to the Lonestar State.

Which production are you most proud of or has meant the most to you?

I was Supervising Editor for a CNN documentary series called “High Profits”. The show followed a young Colorado couple who were trying to build a legal recreational cannabis empire. The story was great, but what I loved so much about working on this project was the huge amount of teamwork that went into it. We had a very talented group of people all contributing to make the production sing, and the show was nominated for a 2016 News & Documentary Emmy award. Seeing it all come together was hugely rewarding.

Another project currently underway that I’m excited about is our Kissing Tree project. Kissing Tree is a 55+ master planned community being built in San Marcos. We’re working on a long-form documentary that will show from start to finish the entire build of the community. Similar to the movie Boyhood, we’ll be showing every stage of the process. We have drones, time lapse technology, 360 degree cameras and much more! It’s so fun being part of a large production and watching something grow from nothing to homes!

Now that you work in a commercial production environment, how do you keep the authenticity and beauty of your work?

Well, I think it all comes back to story-telling. My background is mostly in story-telling, and I think that’s so important when establishing brand and connecting with customers. A spot should have a story, because that’s how people are living their lives.

Part of your role now includes management. How have you strategized management after being an independent freelancer for so much of your career?

I think the most important part of managing someone is being responsible for encouraging growth in a realistic framework. It’s about inspiring someone to grow, develop and perform in a way that’s beneficial for themselves and the team. You show them the way and then encourage their drive while holding them to a high standard. I find it so important to empower others to do things they didn’t think they could do.

For most of my career, I operated on a project-by-project basis that lasted anywhere from a few weeks to a little over a year. I’ve had to adjust my thinking to the long game and long-term growth for our entire department. I want to help grow our agency in an exciting and positive way through the COX framework. We’re pioneers trying to innovate the newspaper space and having a good time along the way!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my family. Getting quality time with my wife and two little ones is so important to me, and I’m glad to be at a company that values a strong work-life balance. I like cooking and riding my bike. I also write and play music when I can. My priorities aren’t really aligned with the demands of being an upcoming musician, so I’m always looking for potential members to start a dad band! I’d love to play with a group of people who know what they’re doing but also honor the Thursday night soccer practice and 9 o’clock bedtime!

What series or productions are you really digging now?

Finding new shows on Netflix is always a pleasure.